Top 10 Trendy Apps to Use with Your Girlfriend

There’s no need to explain that the modern generation can’t do without gadgets. We don’t mean only gamers who play games round-the-clock. A smartphone is something bigger for any user; thanks to this tool, you stay connected to the universe, do your job, make images, etc.

We all have dozens of apps installed on our iOS or Android-based devices, but which of them are the most popular today? Let’s have a look at the top 10 trendy apps that can make our life easier.


This social networking site needs no introductions. It has billions of users that use it for different purposes. Some of them are interested in dating, whereas others use this tool to stay in touch with their friends, colleagues, or friends.

2. Instagram

Do you have your personal or business account on Instagram? In all likelihood, you say yes! This is a well-known photo sharing app which is in demand among users due to such features as filters, square image format, and capability to add videos.

3. Uber

Live in a metropolis? Used to travel a lot? Then you’ll appreciate the functionality of Uber. This is a well-known cab hiring app, allowing its users to hire not only cars but bikes as well. Its pricing policy is usually lower as compared to public transportation means. Besides, Uber works in the majority of countries today.

4. Gmail

The modern business world is impossible without Gmail. This email messaging application simplifies a number of working processes. It was developed by Google, and now it is compatible with a number of platforms. This mail app is the most popular today. Besides, it is installed by default on many devices.

5. Apex Weather

On the stage of planning our touristic trails, we consider many aspects, and the weather is one of them. This app allows you to get the basic weather for today. If necessary, you can install notifications on too severe weather conditions. This is a great tool which will inform you if the weather changes unexpectedly.

6. Gallery Doctor

We all keep hundreds of photos in our gallery; we all have hundreds of similar images. They accumulate gradually and occupy precious space on your device. As a result, your phone quickly becomes overloaded. Deleting all these photos manually takes too much of your personal time. If you want to automate this process, you can use Gallery Doctor – the app which finds duplicate images and highlights them. After that, you should decide whether you want to keep these images or delete them. This program is a useful extra eye allowing you to clear the storage of your device.

7. LastPass Password Manager

Though not all users trust such apps like this, they can help you save your precious time. We all have hundreds of applications on our smartphones and laptops. It is really hard to remember the passwords to all of them. In this case, you can use this smart tool! It might take away the hard work and also allows you to feel secure.

8. Greenify

If your primary aim is to get the most from the battery of your phone, this app will help you do this. Though your phone has pre-installed battery saving tools, you will also appreciate the functionality of this software product. This app allows you to regulate how much battery the apps on your phone are using. If necessary, you can freeze some apps to enhance productivity.

9. WiFiMapper

If you travel a lot, and you simply can’t use your mobile data plan (because it is too expensive when you are abroad), this app will definitely come in useful. It will help you find free Wi-Fi. As a result, you will always be online!

10. Viber

Want to stay in touch with your lover, friends, or relatives? Viber is the best solution to do this! It has billions of users from all over the globe. You can share text or audio messages, send video files, or make video calls.

All these apps must be installed on your device! Their goal is to make your life easier.

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